Lighting Designer David A. Finn has joined the creative team working on Cinderella. He has worked with Designer John Macfarlane before, including on Birmingham Royal Ballet’s production of The Nutcracker.

‘He has strong ideas about how he wants to accomplish the necessary effects, and he’s designing the lighting rig, working closely with our own lighting team’, says Director David Bintley.

Some of the choreographer’s most recent works have incorporated light as a key feature of the production design, such as the dramatic backdrop of bulbs and laser-effect outlines in E=mc², or The Orpheus Suite‘s movable wall of LEDs.

‘We’re working in a different kind of way this time around’ he says. ‘This time the design and the light have been conceived as one thing. John uses a lot of these plastic backcloths that allow light to pass through, so they have already begun to dictate the lighting specifications. And very early in our own discussions, he came up with this ‘Close Encounters’ effect. There’s a moment when a light comes down the chimney, for example, so the set has been designed with these sort of lighting effects in mind.’