A thankfully minor injury has meant that Chi Cao will sadly no longer be dancing the role of the Prince in Cinderella, with casting for other performances being amended to allow other dancers to fill his place.

[Edit] It was initially decided that Joseph Caley would simply step in to fill Chi’s place, however the recasting will now be more complex. Click here for the most recent updates.

As a result, casting for most performances after 27 November have been shuffled to ensure that that those taking his place are not performing two shows back-to-back.

Chi himself is expected to return for Aladdin in the new year.

Speaking of the casting shuffle, Assistant Director Marion Tait, explained:

‘Thankfully we’re prepared for occasions like this, with a number of dancers rehearsing each role. But we’ll have to be careful how we now reschedule the casts. The Prince has some gruelling choreography, so those dancing the part need adequate rest-time between performances.

‘We’ve also got to be careful as some of the girls dancing Cinderella are appearing in other roles too, so there are knock-on effects throughout the production. We can’t just swap the partnerships around, otherwise Cinderella could end up playing her own Fairy Godmother! It’ll need to be done very carefully to avoid clashes.’

Click here to view the amended casting for all Birmingham 2012 shows.